Performance info for Zeb L. West

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“The show is so fresh and creative it made me cheer. The premise is that we’re all stuck inside the belly of a whale, with a guy who’s been there for a while. He’s only got two books to read: Don Quixote and Moby Dick. Witty and visually rich, this show is also a serious exploration of romantic obsession.” -Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight



“★★★★ West is an engaging performer with a creative, honest and cleverly metaphoric story about being in love with someone who used to love you back. West’s heart is so epically broken and the wounds so fresh you can’t look away. The pain inspires a ukulele song at the end, which is unquotable but brutally funny.”
-The StarPhoenix Saskatoon


“A Fringe win from the Lone Star State.”
-Gig City



“Far from traditional, it is very good clowning sprinkled with storytelling and it’s what a lot of people at Fringe are looking for.” Charlebois Post-Canada



“A strange and disarmingly delightful mashup using puppetry, songs, and some appropriately goofy, often ingenious props…the play keeps smiles on everyone’s faces throughout.” The Visitorium

“He sings a ukulele solo to end his show, which was by far one of the funniest songs I have heard on a Fringe stage in a long time.” Production Ottawa